Sat 07 Sep 2019 13:48

Following a change of process, all RFU registrations are now to be managed online. The RFU have stated the following:

Age Grade Player Registration is a fully online annual process for club players between U6 to U18.  RFU Regulation requires players to be registered online each season within 45 days of the start of the season or from first joining the club.

This simple process involves a players’ parent / guardian registering their child on an annual basis on the RFUs Game Management System (GMS) and being approved by the Club Registrar. For the 2019/2020 season the process of Annually Registering an existing player consists of updating A child’s existing record to provide medical information, emergency contact details and updated consents.  This annual registration process will be developed further and communicated ahead of the 2020/2021 season.

The updated process ensures that parents and players are in control of their own data and unique individual record through their lifetime in rugby. It provides more consistent, accurate and up-to-date information for clubs and the RFU to help players and parents enjoy their Age Grade Rugby and transition into the adult game.

Removing paper form completion and storage reduces the burden on everyone, streamlines the process significantly and ensures GDPR compliance from a data security and retention perspective.  This also brings the process more in line with adult player registration helping the players, parents and volunteers in the Age Grade and senior sections of our rugby clubs and in particular, streamlining the workload of our Club Registrars.

New players to club - Parents will be required to follow the below instructions to register themselves and a player for the first time :
1. Vectis create an account unique code is:

2. Create an account for yourself
3. Create a record for the player with emergency contacts, photo etc
4. Create a registration request with all medical details
5. Confirm email contact
6. Done

Existing players - Parents will be required to follow the below instructions to register themselves and a player for the first time :
1. Use the ‘update registration link’ provided below:

2. The email address will be the one that you used on the RFU registration form.
3. If you do not have your password, request a new one.
4. Check your details
5. Confirm and check players details including:
a. Player registration – to confirm medical details and consent
b. Relationship – to confirm emergency contact details
c. Child Contact Info - to confirm address
6. Confirm to update details
7. Done
Vectis RFC
Please note that each player must have a completed Vectis RFC form which is to be handed in on 8 September on registration day at IWRFC from 1030. If your team has a fixture that day, players will not be permitted to play without a completed Vectis RFC form and payment of fees either by cheque, card (Wootton only) or by bank transfer.
Fees this season:
From 8 September only (whole season):
£55 First child
£20 Second child
£15 Subsequent children
From 1 January only (part season):
£25 per player

Contact for registration queries: Mairi Robinson – Membership Secretary

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